Experienced, Confidential, Private, Independent Mediation not litigation. The path to peaceful resolution.


for issues involving family or civil choices, business or partnership disagreements, estate settlements, cohabitation agreements, personal injury, elder-care decisions, marital/separation agreements, teen-parent issues or conflicts, legal disputes, divorce settlements, landlord-tenant matters, workplace issues, choice options,

and other issues needing resolution 

Why Mediation?


Do you have a choice dilemma?

Do you seek co-operation rather than conflict?

Do you have a family or business issue that does not seem able to be resolved?

Are workplace issues affecting your ability to be effective at work?

Do you have a creative solution and want to participate more in your solutions rather than feel like they have been taken out of your hands?

Are you beginning to think you have to live in fear of legal process? Or having to pay the cost of court process?

Are you afraid your partner may take your children or home or assets away from you? 

Do you want to end difficulty and place your life back into predictable patterns that you can trust and rely on?

Would you prefer a wise and thoughtful agreement that maximizes ease of transition for yourself and allows you to eliminate or remove difficult choices from your life?

Would you like to preserve your assets for the benefit of your retirement, your family and/or your children instead of spending them on expensive conflict or litigation?

Our AIM is to assist people in conflict to resolve their issues in a positive way without a higher personal cost of negative conflict and/or litigious experiences.




- a responsive new way to settle opposing issues in a private and confidential setting

-a neutral third party facilitates parties to find better and more creative solutions to mutual differences.

-is dispute resolution that is outside court process and can lead to earlier solutions

-provides mutual benefits through collaborative resolution and produces agreements often that are more successful than court orders. 

- tends to succeed because it causes a process that allows parties to create their own solutions and explore potential options in a productive way

-provides solutions that are usually less costly, faster and more private. 

- is more likely to operate constructively and positively and can even restore relationships between parties

-allows easier response to family and business  needs and privacy and , can provide the first step in improving the relationship and lines of communication between the parties: this assists with finding a mutually acceptable resolution in a timely way.


 Your Mediator is committed to 

positive solutions 


providing an independent confidential process 

based in trust and fair communications.


for choices that seem overwhelming.

Your Mediator


The Mediator: Glennis Munro is an experienced professional, having dealt with legal conflict matters for over 25 years. She has been a member of the Law Societies of Nova Scotia, the Northwest Territories, Nunavut, and Alberta and an adjunct member of the Law Society of British Columbia. Glennis has trained with the Alberta Arbitration Society and with Judge Michael Porter of Resolution Associates. Her exposures include training with the Legal Education Society of Alberta and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society and Masters’ Degree level courses at Mount St Vincent University Nova Scotia in education and mediation. She has taught college and university business courses and delivered a presentation to the Learned Societies Conference in Windsor comparing and contrasting structured (legal), therapeutic, and educational models of mediation “Mediation: an Educational Model”. She is a member of the ADR Atlantic Institute, Family Mediation Canada and has been a member of the Alberta Registered Collaborative Family Professionals as well as the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Glennis has over 20 years in law and issues involving business, families, and young offender law and has experience in insurance, personal injury settlements (disability, subrogation, motor vehicle, and casualty), estate issues, and landlord/tenant matters. She also has a number of active years in the legal system where mediation methods often solved the issue.  


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